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Semi-automatic Car Tent Movable Carport Folded Portable Automobile Protection Car Umbrella Sunproof Sun Shade Canopy Cover Universal(157.48''X86.62'')

Semi-automatic Car Tent Movable Carport Folded Portable Automobile Protection Car Umbrella Sunproof Sun Shade Canopy Cover Universal(157.48''X86.62'') Item NO: B078XQR75M

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  • 【High quality for Maximum Security】Polyester blocking 99% UV light;Fiberglass holders features good toughness, not easy to break;Steel wire made anti-theft rope for maximum security. Use TPU rubber soft suction cups, strong suction, no shedding,which ensure the stability of the car umbrella during using and to avoid damage to paint. (in order to secure, sucker should be kept clean, and do not place in the seams)
  • 【Strong Double Windproof Design】Designed with four windproof ropes with hook in the four corner ensured the stability of the car umbrella;The Half fixed connection between tent and ribs prevent the ribs from damage or bent in heavy windy weather, when the wind force reaches level 5, buttons will release automatically, tent and rib seperated
  • 【99% UV Ray Reflect】Silver coated PU material, reduce interior temperature up to 25℃(45℉reduce interior temperature up to 25℃(45℉), keep you cool in car, emission reduction and fuel saving,prevent the car formaldehyde, benzene and other toxic gases volatile
  • 【Easy O
Product Name Semi-automatic Car Tent Movable Carport Folded Portable Automobile Protection Car Umbrella Sunproof Sun Shade Canopy Cover Universal(157.48''X86.62'')
Item NO B078XQR75M
Weight 6.5000 kg = 14.3300 lb = 229.2808 oz
Category Auto Accesories
Creation time 2018-05-25

An absolutely new invention to protect you and your car from hot sun
1 umbrella 2 use: plus triangular bracket, suitable for outdoor barbecue, picnic, fishing and so on
Big surface-ppen size: W86.62*L157.48in (W2100*L4000mm)
Easy to open and fast to mount -8 seconds for opening, 30 seconds for installation
Folding and portable-34.25in/87cm in length after folded up in a storage bag and 14.3lbs/6.5kg in weight, without any extra burden to your trunk
Four windproof ropes with hook in the four corner ensured the stability of the car umbrella
The Half fixed connection between tent and ribs prevent the ribs from damage or bent in heavy windy weather 
Anti-Theft Design-Steel wire made anti-theft rope for maximum security. 
TPU soft Suction cup protect the car surface from being scratched when contacting
Super sucker, strong suction
Polyester,silver coated PU material, blocking 99% UV light,reduce interior temperature up to 25℃(45℉reduce interior temperature up to 25℃(45℉)
Stronger umbrella bone,fiberglass holders features good toughness,not easy to break
You can adjust the length of windproof rope to suit different cars
Occasions: Parking, Camping trips, Business trips, and Taking a nap in the car while waiting. Fit for Sedan,hatchback,luxury car,small car ect.

Unfold size:W86.62*L157.48in (W2100*L4000mm)
Fold size:870*280*180(mm) 
Material:Polyester、Fiberglass holders、plastic connector. 

Package contains: 
Portable car umbrella *1
Storage bag with zipper *1
User manual*1


Miguel A. Rodriguez

Great product


Amazon Customer

I bought one last year. The heat in Florida is brutal. I even preformed my own test when I received it. It was a 20 degree difference with the car tent in place. VERY pleased with it. At first my co-workers laughed until I told them to come out to my car and check out the difference it makes inside. No more laughs or jokes.
Highly recommend purchasing one.
It takes maybe 5 minutes to install.



I was impressed with the ease of operation. Easy up, easy down, nice carrying case. Advertising is a little misleading, it's not capable of reducing the interior temperature by 25°C. Can't defy the laws of physics. At 93°F ambient outdoors, it is 93°F inside the car. Will definitely reduce the solar heating effects, don't get me wrong, just not nearly as much as advertised.


just the facts

I use this product over my Honda CRV for shade when at k9 nosework trials.
1. SUPER easy to set up - I use a folding step stool (2 steps) to get it on the roof. You will need both hands to set this up. I set it up just forward of my sun roof so I can open it. I also put some water on the suction cup and on the roof of my car to provide more suction. Not sure if this makes a difference, but I've always done that with suction cups.

2. I use shade cloth over the entire umbrella for more shade on the sides of my car. It is VERY IMPORTANT to tie down this shade close with bungee cords and/or strong magnets. If there's a decent amount of wind or even a good wind gust, the cloth on the umbrella will because unsnapped from the frame and blow away. If you put shade cloth over it to hold it down, it won't move.

3. Because I set it up forward of my sun roof, I am able to open the tail gate. If you set up the umbrella in the center of the SUV, you can't fully open the tail gate (I have the longer version of the umbrella).

4. During my last nosework trial, there were decent gusts of wind all afternoon, and I could see the umbrella shake back and forth from where I was sitting behind my car. But, it didn't budge and the suction stayed intact. However, when I removed the shade cloths at the end of the day... it wasn't pretty. The cloth unsnapped from the frame in two places. I was holding it done, but there was no way to fold it up by myself. Luckily, someone in the parking lot offered to help me (as we all do at these events). They just had to hold that side of the umbrella for 10 seconds while I ran over to un tether the other side of the umbrella and quickly fold it (it takes a second to fold it back up). The suction stayed absolutely intact! I had to give it a good yank to remove it from the roof.

As a result, there is a small rip in the material where it unsnapped from the frame. I'm going to use gorilla tape on it to make sure it doesn't get worse.

5. Overall, I'm very happy with my purchase! I recommend it to other nosework friends all the time. Easy to set up, easy to take down, doesn't take up much room in my car - when packing up the car, I was short on space, I had it in the back vertically and it fit fine. Takes the wind, but only if shade cloths cover it well. I would NOT trust this by itself in the wind, as proven during my most recent outing with it. I like it so much, I was thinking of buying the extra stand to use outside of the car, but I will no longer be doing this. I couldn't imagine this lasting too long on a beach with the breezes there.



I love this thing! It covers my entire glass passenger compartment and keeps the leather interior much cooler. E-Z Up and Easy Down. My only complaint would be that the suction cup is not very strong. But once you attach it to the outside, it stays put.


Resty Ramos

I like it very much.



This umbrella is not automatic and it is not stretch will when it manually open the umbrella, and it size can't even cover the entire car. Not worth it to buy with a $150 .


Ed Amundson

Having a hard time registering for extended warranty


Susan Schroeder

The ease of using this car cover is much appreciated. I’m using it at dog shows to shade my car - much easier to put up than a canopy.


Deborah Clark

The car tent works great, keeps it shaded, and protects it from rain and sun.


Dennis Anderson

The car tent works great, keeps it shaded, and protects it from rain and sun.


Orlando Alfonzo

I use this product for my Mercedes C300 to protect from the damaging sun rays in summer time. This is a great concept to protect from the weather conditions such as snow, rain, hail and ultraviolet radiation which damages the interior of your car as well as the paint. The structures are a bit weak; perhaps with better reinforcement of metal instead of plastic will go a along way.



I'm impressed with the quality of the product given the reasonable pricing. It's quite easy to setup. The tripod legs spreads wide to provide a stable foundation. I am using the stand for a car umbrella. I highly recommend.


Xanthe Roosevelt

This car cover is huge and is awesome!Its installation and operation is easy and they provide a very unique look and feel,like hi-tech products.Since Ive been using it,I couldnt stand those cheap,ugly car cover cloths any more


Otto Wild

OMG, this is fantastic! I love it! I was really excited when I received this item.I used it on my honda sedan and it fits perfect! Completely cover windshields!The steel structure seems very strong,the fabric is also thick and waterproof. Installation is a snap,I can set it up in 5 minutes by myself and it does keep the interior of my car cooler.100% satisfaction!


S. Albert

After using it for almost a year I thought of sharing my experience with the umbrella so far.
The good:
It definitely keeps the sun hear from hitting the car's paint and windows, which, given that my car mostly sits on the driveway in direct sun, it's a very welcomed benefit when getting ready to drive. Before, I was using the sun blocker foldable panels -and am still using when leaving it in a parking lot while shopping. It's better than leaving it unshielded but the car's interior still heats up pretty fast, even with the LE tint on the side- and rear windows. The concept to create a layer of open air between the umbrella and the car helps tremendously reduce the taken heat by the car's interior.
And now about the not-so good parts:
Build: The foldable scaffold and its arms are made of plastic bars, which is okay for offering a flexible structure. However they're less resistant and even in moderate wind some of the arms are flipped over by the pull that the wind is exercising on the umbrella. In my case, after a few flips, one of the arms broke. Due to its construction, even if there were replacement bars to be found somewhere, I couldn't replace them as they're bolted together at the joints. This brings up another flaw in its design. The umbrella doesn't have any holes cut out to relief the scaffold from the extensive lifting force that even a moderate wind gust could cause. By moderate it was meant no more than 15-20 mph. The hooking ears by which the umbrella material is connected to the scaffold underneath the umbrella. were sewed about 1/2 of an inch off from where they would supposed to sit to offer a solid hooking. Therefore some of these ears were coming off when opening the umbrella. When a wind gust hits the umbrella, believe me, you'd want all the ears work together to hold the textile over the scaffold, to distribute the force evenly.
The material of the umbrella must've had in its construct some fiberglass, which caused both myself and my wife to feel those annoying little invisible needles all over our palms when folding the umbrella together to store it after use. Quite annoying.
These are all minor things which I assume can be easily addressed with a more proper design, no rocket science. One would expect these things to be in place when shelling out a rather hefty price for such a simple construction.
I hope that the manufacturer will eventually read this review an will aim to address these design flaws of the otherwise pretty nice concept. You're 80% there :)


Tiffany O'Casey

A perfect solution to protect car top from poisoned sun,also keep it clean,dry,and free of bird droppings.I usually park my car on the outdoor driveway,now I dont have to sweep the leaves away from the windows.Five star!!!


Pearl Stephen

This is soooo cool,fits my 2012 Camry perfectly!Worked OK for about a week,I park under trees and the tent keeps the interior cool at the same time blocks the bird droppings,leaves.but I wouldn’t recommend driving with it in the unfolded position,its dangerous.Beyond that,nothing to complain about.


Kristin Alerander

I bought the car tent to protect my SUV, and it is definitely a really cool choice among those car protection products.I was worried that the base would scratch my car paint at first,but the reality proved that my worry was unwarranted,the sucker is soft rubber that definitely won’t scratch paint and attached to the car tightly!


Owen Julius

The box was a bit damaged when arrived(I think it was amazons responsibility),fortunately I was surprised that canopy itself was good.Installation and operation is easy.It has prevented the falling objects from damaging my car for 3 times.The price is a little high indeed,but when compared to the cost of repairing the car,I think the money I spent is worth it.It may not suit everyones need,but if your need is similar to mine,Im pretty sure it will work for you.