Security and Reliability: We Know it as your First Priorities.

When you need to keep your handguns,firearms,expensive jewelry,cash,checks,passports,paperwork,confidential documents,and valuables securely hidden yet quickly and easily accessible,our fingerprint security safe is your perfect security guard
We know that security and reliability are prevailing Priorities when you need our products, and that's why Reliancer home safes have the features you want. 

Finger Print for Great Security
Maximum 32 finger print scan be registered
Crafted of Q235 Carbon Steel
Fnished with a 100um thick layer of phosphate anti-rust coating and static spray for anti-scratch and anti-corrosion.
The safe’s laser cut solid steel construction, seamless welding and motorized deadbolt locking system offer utmost peace of mind, while its easy electronic interface runs smoothly on just 4 AA batteries. 
5mm motorized thick door that is recessed from the frame
Three 20MM strong deadbolt locking bars which are virtually impossible to pry open with hand tools.
Excellent explosion-proof performance offer you the best security on the market.
Alarm-U Tamper Sensitive Alert System
Comes with a removable interior shelf.
Protective foam-padded interior protects your valuables from damage and helps to prevent rattling
4 AA batteries are included.
2 emergency keys offer backup option if the 4 AA batteries run out.

Ideally sized to position against a wall,deep inside a closet,under the bed,on an office shelf or in another secret space

Package included:
1*Safe box
2*Override keys
4*AA batteries
2*Expansion screws

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