none Reliancer Pet Summer Cool Mat Self Cooling Comfortable Dog Mat Pad Extra Large Pressure-Activated Gel Cold Ice Pad Non-Toxic Cats Freezing Floor Bed Sofa Mat for Kennels Crates Beds Car Seat 5 (from 19 reviews)
Reliancer Pet Summer Cool Mat Self Cooling Comfortable Dog Mat Pad Extra Large Pressure-Activated Gel Cold Ice Pad Non-Toxic Cats Freezing Floor Bed Sofa Mat for Kennels Crates Beds Car Seat

Reliancer Pet Summer Cool Mat Self Cooling Comfortable Dog Mat Pad Extra Large Pressure-Activated Gel Cold Ice Pad Non-Toxic Cats Freezing Floor Bed Sofa Mat for Kennels Crates Beds Car Seat Item NO: B07C1LJKQD

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20''26'' 20''35.5'' 32''38''
  • Suitable for more living places,to help your baby has more positions to enjoy the cool in hot days.
  • No need to freeze or chill, perfect for you pets rest and give them some relief from the heat.Please kindly cover the mat with something like carpet if your dog is naughty.
  • Super comfort design with high quality material.Made from non-toxic gel and sponge, the surface material is adopted polyester composite fabric, very smooth and comfortable for your pet lying down
  • This cooling mat is not just for hot dogs - it's also perfect for older animals, or those dealing with joint pain or recovering from surgery
  • The mat fits on dog beds, car seats, couches and more. It's also perfect for traveling since it's easy to fold and water resistant
Product Name Reliancer Pet Summer Cool Mat Self Cooling Comfortable Dog Mat Pad Extra Large Pressure-Activated Gel Cold Ice Pad Non-Toxic Cats Freezing Floor Bed Sofa Mat for Kennels Crates Beds Car Seat
Weight 1.6000 Kg
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Creation time 2018-05-08

This solid-gel cooling mat is a long-lasting solution for keeping all your pets healthy and comfortable even in the hottest, most humid conditions. 
The safe and sturdy polyester composite fabric features an innovative cool gel interior, relaxing and soothing up your pets for up to three continuous hours. 
As a self-charging pad, it requires absolutely no water, refrigeration, batteries or electricity, making it a truly low maintenance option for the home, the kennel, the yard, the car, the RV, and the hotel.
This cooling mat is not just for hot dogs,it's also perfect for older animals, or those dealing with joint pain,recovering from surgery,or suffering from pain, swelling, stress, skin conditions, Cushing’s disease, and more. 

Pressure activated gel technology,once you apply pressure you will feel the "cooling gel" instantly. 
Non-toxic gel interior is safe for all pets and absorbs body heat giving a relaxing and soothing sensation. 
Made with the highest quality thick and durable polyester exterior for heavy use and longevity. 
Automatically recharging cooling design,no pre-cooling or refrigeration is required. 
A puncture-resistant exterior resists tearing and lasts through season after season.
Water resistant fabric make cleaning a breeze.
The self-activating gel interior requires no water, making mold buildup a problem of the past.
Flexible soft gel mat offers extra comfort for pets with joint pain
Flexible mat folds flat
It's also perfect for traveling since it's easy to fold and water resistant

Material:non-toxic gel+ waterproof polyester composite fabric
Size:26" x 20"\35.5" x 20"\38" x 32"

1.Do not leave in direct sunlight, heat or hot air as this may affect the performance of the cool pet pad. 
2.We rcommend taking your pet to the veterinarian if they ingest any part of the Cool Pet Pad



These cooling pads are great. We have one at the foot of the bed for one of our dogs and I can feel it through my thick comforter. They will come in handy in the summer when we take our dogs on long trips. I highly recommend this product.



Seems like a decently made product. I have a 4-month old Rottweiler who seems to like it. He likes to always lie on the hardwood floor instead of the carpet, so I thought it was probably because it was cooler, so I bought this mat. It is thin but dense with a gel-type inside. I don't really know if it stays cool since I haven't slept on it, yet, but it seems like it would.


Megan Peyton

Just opened it from the box and cool to the touch. Hopefully it will keep the dog cool while working.


Melanie Hudson

I think I want one of these in a queen size for my own bed this summer. This is a fantastic product to keep your pets cool while outside or in their kennel or even for larger dogs in your home. My larger dog is a 48 lb beagle mix. He gets overheated pretty quickly in the summer. This will allow him a cool refuge to go to. It is a great size for small or larger dogs. Both mine can fit on it at the same time, although they prefer not to be in the same vicinity for too long. It is quite mesmerizing when you unfold the mat. It has a nice gel type feel to it. It gets and stays cool for a long time. Then it 'recharges' itself when it isn't being used. It isn't anything fancy looking but 'wow' it really does work. Recommend.

I purchased this item at a discount in exchange for an honest review.


George Burnham

Our Goldendoodle loves to sleep on this mat. When it first arrived and I took it out of the box, I knew Fynn was going to love it; Softer than the kitchen floor he prefers over the carpet and certainly more cool. He sleeps on the floor in our room, but we have carpeting and he has a long thick coat, thus he gets hot. He tends to go into the kitchen where there is a cool floor, but in the bedroom; CARPET! I put it on the floor in the bedroom and enticed Fynn to come lay on it with a treat. He didnt start sleeping on it right away, but in a couple days he seemed to have discovered it and I see him on it regularly. He does move, but I have seen him on it and partially on it consistently now. I think I might want one for the hot weather when doing nothing but trying to keep cool (my back will thank me). Anyway. its awesome the way it can fold up, yet be so flat but just enough softness to ease the bones. Even though Fynn is kind of big, this size works for him just fine. A larger one would be good too, but this size works great for Fynn. Plus my wife wont trip on Fynns bed that he couldnt stay in very long due to the heat generated. We all love it. LOL



We have a 4 month old bernese mountain dog pup who had begun sleeping in the master bath once he learned the tile floor was cooler overnight than his kennel, which is in our room and where we prefer him to sleep. It had gotten to the point where we had to close the bath if we wanted him to spend time with us, and then he would then paw sadly at the door. We got this cooling pad to put in his kennel and now it is his favorite spot upstairs again. We can leave the bathroom door open and he chooses the cooling pad every time. I think that is sign enough to say it is effective and liked by the dog. It is worth noting that when we tried putting it on the floor not in his kennel he saw it as a pee pad, but he is still a pup so who can blame him, thankfully it was very easy to clean after that accident.
UPDATE: It has been four months, Theodore is now 8 months and 80+ lbs (and still growing!) and this mat is still his favorite place to sleep. he has chewed off the fabric at the edges, but the gel didn't leek and it still keeps him cool nicely.



This cooling mat is very nice, it folds up easily for storage and you can wipe it clean with a bit of soap and a damp cloth. We get very hot and humid summers with temps that can go well beyond 100 degrees, and stay there for weeks at a time. For our older dogs and cats this cooling mat will be perfect. Even though it is easy to clean I will probably still wrap a small cotton sheet around it to keep it looking nice for a longer period of time.

This cooling mat absorbs the heat and will stay cool for a few hours, then recharges after 15-20 minutes of non use. I'm tempted to keep this for human use and slip it under the sheet below our pillows for summertime use! ;) For the pets though, the gel inside of this mat will also help cushion joints, which will be nice for the older pets. You can use this cooling mat inside as well as outdoors. During hot weather you can set this by itself or on top of an existing pet bed.

Free product sample received for review purposes.


John Austin

The dog cooling mat met my expectations. Product is as advertised and
it arrived on time.


Abbie T.

It really does feel cool after just a second or two of pressure. For temperature reference, it feels cooler than a wood floor but not as cold as a stone floor/counter. My dog weighs about 65 pounds, and the smaller of the two sizes (19 x 35) is just right. His paws stick off the end a little, but cooling off the torso seems to be what matters. He needed to be encouraged to lie on it for the first few days, but eventually he figured it out and now he goes to it by himself. It stays cool for a few hours, but does eventually warm up with his body heat. It seems to take a long time to recharge itself once he gets off, maybe longer than the manufacturer claims, though I haven't timed it. It feels well made and pretty sturdy, but if I notice any wear and tear I will update the review. So far, I'm pleased with my purchase.

Update: It's lasted all summer and seems no worse for the wear. Every once in a while I notice some liquid on it, but it always turns out to be dog slobber rather than a leak.


Cynthia W. McGaughey

I have done this review before. Love the mat it fits perfectly in the crate. My dog loves it. It meets my expectations.



I live in Arizona and I don't know *why* this is the first I thought about getting this for my now 11 year old Beagle. Duh! He absolutely loves it. We will go for a long walk and then we put the cooling mat in his favorite place and he always goes and lays down on it. It's easily wipeable for when my beagle drools - we've folded it and put it in his crate and in the car when we take him for rides. I cannot highly recommend this enough.


Tom Gouthro

It feels cool, but my dog doesn't prefer to lie on this over the regular floor.


Trish L. Brown

This is an awesome product! I have a 3 month old golden who is always warm. It only took about 30 seconds for him to lay down on this mat. I put it in his crate at night, and it stays cool for about 3 hours.

He especially likes it when I stick it in the freezer for a bit. When he sees me take it out of the freezer he pounces on me to put it down for him!

He has never tried o chew on it (even though he chews in EVERYTHING). He dies dig on it, but has it caused any damage.

It's also great in the back seat of the car inroad trips. Highly recommend!


Amazon Customer

I bought this for my old dog because he has Laryngeal paralysis and that means he can't pant and cool himself like a normal dog can. I placed it under his terry cloth towel that covers his bed so it wouldn't be a shock to him, He took to it right away and didn't get off of it for a couple of hours.


Mario Peterson

I thought this was the same product I have in another size by the same manufacturer, but this size was better for inside my dog's crate. After I received this and compared to the other one, I realized it's not the same - and the listings also specify one is a solid gel and this is a liquid gel . I like the solid gel version better. 1) It's cooler to the touch and 2) these liquid ones leak if your dog is a chewer - honestly, the tissue paper placed in the folds of this one shipped to me were wet, granted is like 90% humidity this week, but it still made me question. Anyway, I looked back at my orders and realized I've ordered 8 cooling pads over the last two years (what an economically painful realization!!) for my two malamutes who went through multiples in the puppy stage. Note: one was confined to a crate for 3+ months recovering from THR, and as a bored chewer she's responsible for most of those. I say all that to say, I really like the solid gel version. Wish it were offered in the smaller (31x37) and less expensive size.


Coca cola girl

Absolutely think this think is Amazing. It really does what it says it will. It is really cold. Wish it was larger for my larger dog. It is easy to clean and store. This summer this will be so great for my Labrador. She has a lot of fur and gets really hot. I usually sheer her off. This will make it even cooler for her. I received this at a discount for my honest review.


Melisa Moore

With the heat of the summer I decided to give this a try. How can it work...all that matters is that it does! The larger size is perfect for our 75# doodle and given the choice of a couple of cushions, the bare floor, or carpeting this cooling pad is where he heads. I had a concern as his first instinct was to nest/dig, but he soon settles in and the mat surface shows no damage. This is a must during the heat and for longer haired dogs this pad will be a much appreciated place to lay year around. I'm very happy with this purchase!!



I purchased this mat for my 15 yr old border collie mix. he is unable to stand or really move much but his head and front legs a bit. He spends his days on a very thick memory foam bed, which has prevented any sores, but does get him very hot. This mat is perfect for him, it stays cool for a few hours, and because he is about half the size of the mat(50lbs about 20inches tall) I can switch him from one side of the mat to the other when I switch him from side to side. It has really made a difference for him so far!! I am really pleased with it!


Joseph A. Schmidt


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