Pet Summer Cool Mat Self Cooling Comfortable Dog Mat Pad Extra Large Pressure-Activated Gel Cold Ice Pad Non-Toxic Cats Freezing Floor Bed Sofa Mat for Kennels Crates Beds Car Seat

Pet Summer Cool Mat Self Cooling Comfortable Dog Mat Pad Extra Large Pressure-Activated Gel Cold Ice Pad Non-Toxic Cats Freezing Floor Bed Sofa Mat for Kennels Crates Beds Car Seat Item NO: B07C1LJKQD

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20''26'' 20''35.5'' 32''38''
  • Suitable for more living places,to help your baby has more positions to enjoy the cool in hot days.
  • No need to freeze or chill, perfect for you pets rest and give them some relief from the heat.Please kindly cover the mat with something like carpet if your dog is naughty.
  • Super comfort design with high quality material.Made from non-toxic gel and sponge, the surface material is adopted polyester composite fabric, very smooth and comfortable for your pet lying down
  • This cooling mat is not just for hot dogs - it's also perfect for older animals, or those dealing with joint pain or recovering from surgery
  • The mat fits on dog beds, car seats, couches and more. It's also perfect for traveling since it's easy to fold and water resistant
Product Name Pet Summer Cool Mat Self Cooling Comfortable Dog Mat Pad Extra Large Pressure-Activated Gel Cold Ice Pad Non-Toxic Cats Freezing Floor Bed Sofa Mat for Kennels Crates Beds Car Seat
Weight 1.6000 kg = 3.5274 lb = 56.4383 oz
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Creation time 2018-05-08

This solid-gel cooling mat is a long-lasting solution for keeping all your pets healthy and comfortable even in the hottest, most humid conditions. 
The safe and sturdy polyester composite fabric features an innovative cool gel interior, relaxing and soothing up your pets for up to three continuous hours. 
As a self-charging pad, it requires absolutely no water, refrigeration, batteries or electricity, making it a truly low maintenance option for the home, the kennel, the yard, the car, the RV, and the hotel.
This cooling mat is not just for hot dogs,it's also perfect for older animals, or those dealing with joint pain,recovering from surgery,or suffering from pain, swelling, stress, skin conditions, Cushing’s disease, and more. 

Pressure activated gel technology,once you apply pressure you will feel the "cooling gel" instantly. 
Non-toxic gel interior is safe for all pets and absorbs body heat giving a relaxing and soothing sensation. 
Made with the highest quality thick and durable polyester exterior for heavy use and longevity. 
Automatically recharging cooling design,no pre-cooling or refrigeration is required. 
A puncture-resistant exterior resists tearing and lasts through season after season.
Water resistant fabric make cleaning a breeze.
The self-activating gel interior requires no water, making mold buildup a problem of the past.
Flexible soft gel mat offers extra comfort for pets with joint pain
Flexible mat folds flat
It's also perfect for traveling since it's easy to fold and water resistant

Material:non-toxic gel+ waterproof polyester composite fabric
Size:26" x 20"\35.5" x 20"\38" x 32"

1.Do not leave in direct sunlight, heat or hot air as this may affect the performance of the cool pet pad. 
2.We rcommend taking your pet to the veterinarian if they ingest any part of the Cool Pet Pad



Hi! We weren’t sure if our older Malinois would use it. This was NOT a waste of money. She sleeps on it all the time. I don’t know if it’s the comfy gel cushion or the fact it helps her stay cooler since she has a thick double-coat of fur. Either way, it was a good purchase. We really like the weight of the mat so it doesn’t slid everywhere too. Being able to fold it up is a plus that will help for traveling. Thanks for a happy Mal.



Our hairy little beast suffers in the hot weather and pants continually. We got this pad to relieve some of his discomfort. Wow, did it work! He took to it right off. It is not too large for him and is easy to clean.


Lana Vitsup

My dog loves this mat. Which crazy surprised me because he has his entire life preferred the floor to any dog bed.
He has already figured out that if he gets up and comes back in a little while it will be cool again.

I got the medium sized mat (27x43) because in my experience these things are always too small. But it could fit at least 2 larger shelties. Or like a Vizla. Like a larger-medium dog.

It seems like a pretty tough mat. Unless you have a chewer, I doubt digging will break it.

I was pleasantly surprised that it had NONE of that weird “plastic” smell as I’ve experienced with other cooling mats.

After reading some reviews, I put a thin old sheet under it to make sure nothing rubbed off on my floor/carpet. So far nothing is rubbing on anything :)

I just wish it was not as slippery. My dog is 15 and has trouble getting up. This mat is too slippery for his back legs. I make sure there are plenty of grippy rugs around it and he scoots over to get up.

I also wish it was just a little more “cushion-y” to provide some arthritis joint support. But this wasn’t a promise of this mat.

This mat promises cooling and durability and I believe it delivers.

I might buy another, smaller one for my living room.



Very well made and stays cooler longer than other brands we've tried



My dogs love this. It helped keep them cool this summer. Not as durable as I would’ve liked because it tears showed up fairly early into use, however it did not affect the use of the product.



We originally bought this for our dogs. However, we found it useful when trying to cool ourselves down. Great product.


Brian Kolbe

My Alaska Eskimo dog LOVES this cooling pad. I have bought others for my Westie. However, this one arrived all boxed up and when I unwrapped it, the tissue paper had mildew spots on it. (The photo shows that I had crumpled up the paper before deciding to take photos.) There were black mildew spots on the blue cooling pad too. I kept it anyway as my dog loves it.


tap that

It wasn't comfortable for my dog to lay on. It felt kind of stiff/hard. My dog wouldn't lay on it, so I had to send it back. It felt cool, unless it was 90 degrees and above. Then, it did not feel cool to the touch anymore. We don't have A/C, so I was hoping this would be a solution for us.


Amy Baum

it was bigger than I expected but my dog loves it and is always laying on it!


Kenneth Leo

It definitely cools well my dog loves it. But there are four holes in it. They are slits that don’t seem to be something my dog could have done. They are in a straight line and I’ve never seen him scratching on the mat. The cuts are all the same size.



I like it very well. It s very easy to use and in anyway situation (home, car...) My dog liked it immediately


D. Wittry

After 2 months of ownership, there have been two (2) magically-appearing rips, leaking the cooling liquid. I used super glue to close the hole, yet wonder when the next will happen (need to research if leaked chemical is bad if it gets on pet fur). I suggest placement where no humans will walk on it, yet unsure if pet's claws are what is causing the rips.


M. Volmari



Nicole A

Bought this as a lightning deal - so glad I did! My dog LOVES this mat. Our little apartment has poor air circulation and unfortunately the AC does not reach all the rooms (yes, even in a small apartment). My shihtzu-pom lays on the mat to cool down. I can put it on the floor, on the couch, in his crate, etc. My husband has even tried to be sneaky and lay on it because he likes the cool feeling as well. It is also very easy to clean - easy wipe down due to the material. It also folds up pretty easily too. Well worth the buy for my pup.


Jordan Gulinson



Leslie D. Alexander

No shipment or other issues. Works as describe and expected. Just wish my dog used it. Thanks.



Works very well. Defiantly cools our dog down for n hot Hawaiian nights. One star nocked off because the seam creates a raised fold.


S. Anselment

I really liked the 'idea' of this dog bed. My big dog (I purchased it for him) does not use it. My little Cavalier King Charles loves it - but only one corner. The inner absorbent material somehow folded or tucked under and one corner is higher and lumpy. I honestly did not research this dog 'water bed' enough, had I read more, I most likely would never have purchased it.


J. Vail

I ordered this because it was the top rated cooling mat. I wanted something for the back of my suv that would help cool down my greyhound while waiting for the ac to cool down the car.
The problem is you can’t keep it where it’s exposed to sunshine and perhaps heat? A car gets pretty hot in the summer.
When I asked their customer service one suggestion was to keep it in a cooler. If that’s the only way I might as well use cold wet towels and save money.
I am sure it’s a great product but not for what I was hoping to use it for. Perhaps add some more information regarding where to use.



took away before our jack russell would lay on it but she eventually did. laid on the mat each hot night during the summer.