none Reliancer Free Installed Stainless Steel Clothes Drying Rack Foldable Space Saving Retractable Rack Hanger Heavy duty 5 (from 17 reviews)
Reliancer Free Installed Stainless Steel Clothes Drying Rack Foldable Space Saving Retractable Rack Hanger Heavy duty

Reliancer Free Installed Stainless Steel Clothes Drying Rack Foldable Space Saving Retractable Rack Hanger Heavy duty Item NO: B073TTTNR9

US$ 42.99
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43.3-59inches w/Reinforced Pipe 55.2-78.8inche w/Shoe Rack
  • All Stainless Steel Construction:The material including the fastenings is rust-proof stainless steel, perfect for indoor or outdoor drying, will not rust even under rainy environment
  • Extensible Horizontal Rods: Both rods can be extended from 43.3'' to 59'', the max size is 59x30x52 inch, add more room for longer garments like pants and long dresses
  • Free Installation and Save Space: Retractable and foldable, easy to open and fold for compact storage to save space, no need tools to install. The folding size is just 59x4.72x3.54 inch. You can just put it in any small corner when you do not need
  • Sturdy Construction and Large Drying Space: The drying rack can bear 165 Pounds, perfect for quilts or heavy items (Note: the capacity is for reference only) Provides more space for hanging clothes. And it can be used in dorm rooms, laundry rooms, bedrooms and so on
Product Name Reliancer Free Installed Stainless Steel Clothes Drying Rack Foldable Space Saving Retractable Rack Hanger Heavy duty
Item NO B073TTTNR9
Weight 4.3000 Kg
Category Household & Health
Creation time 2018-05-27

MILDEW-PROOF AND RUST-RESISTANT: Waterproof epoxy coating helps eliminate rust and mildew. enables the rack to be used both indoors and outdoors, in dry or wet environments. There is no need to leave clothes on a messy of bed anymore. 
All-stainless steel construction Including the Fastenings. 
Stainless steel hanging pipe
All stainless steel joints
Anti-sloshing connection
Type X structure 
Reinforced pipe: The stainless steel pipe makes the rack more stable and increase the drying area,you can hang towels\ socks and so on
Extension-type airing rods: Smooth and no burr, can be extended from 43.3'' to 59''
Plastic pipe plug: Both of the ends of the stainless steel tube are designed to use plastic pipe plug, prevent the clothes from being scratched, helping to maintain the quality of clothes for longer. 
Rubber non-skid foot sleeve: Every supporting leg of the drying rack is provided with a rubber non-skid foot sleeve. Make the rack stand more stably and prevent the floors from being scratched. 
4 Detachable 360 degree Casters with locks: Much better than those plastic ones for easy move; 360 degree rotation and stand stably. Casters are Detachable, you can use them when you need. 
10 hooks: The free gifts will go with the drying rank. 10 hooks, We hope the hooks can help you hang your clothes. 
Free Installed: No assembly is required. 
Foldable and save space. 
Large capacity: Great for oversize item, perfect for quilts or heavy items 



(Update after replacement arrival)
The first package was faulty with too small hole for the shoe rack part, but the replacement was successfully assembly and satisfactory.
However, even the second one is not perfect with minor shortcomings; a loose screw which cannot be tighten and something rolling loose inside the shoe rack.



Very strong and we'll designed. I did cut myself a little on some sharp edges so you may need to do some spot sanding.


John McInnes

great price


Susan J. Mcglumphy

I needed something to dry clothes on for our small patio area home. I absolutely love this drying rack! It took a bit for me to figure out how to open it. The trick is to make sure you watch how the legs unfold out so you don't switch their direction. I can hang a queen size quilt over the entire top of it, my sheets folded in half over the end with the pillow cases on the middle rod, my small kitchen carpets or a whole load of laundry. I love the little rings that go over the rod are perfect for clothes hangers and will accommodate plastic hangers. I found some large clothes pins at the $ store and they work perfect on the large rod. I have left it outside in rain and to this date not a speck of rust on it. Down here in south Texas we have some heavy wind days and the rack stays put. I do have to keep an eye on the hinge locks as if you move the rack around they can pop up a bit. I would buy this again in a heartbeat!



Very useful. We removed the wheels because it was better if it didn't roll. It's decently sturdy.

FYI. The instructions may not be helpful. (It's pretty self explanatory.) The center bar shown is suppose to attach and stabilize it. There is no place to attach ours. It sits in the middle and moves, but it's still useful for hangers or towels.



Only recieved ONE wheel/ castor. Where’s the other THREE



It works for hanging wash that you don't want shrunk in the dryer. There are little eye hooks you can leave on or take off and use your hangers to hang clothes to dry inside or outside in the gentle breeze. It's done me great so far. Item came through the mail fast and there wasn't a problem having it sent to my P.O. Box at the post office. Easy to set up.


C. Wortman

it works great! i leave it in our garage so i can hang stuff on there anytime. i love it for big blankets and mattress pads



Nothing I don't like!
Easy to set up!


Xuan Guan

It is useful, and I like the fact that wheels are detachable. Somehow there are some scratches (rust) on the product when I received it, so I'm only giving it a 4 star. But other than that, everything works fine.


wu yi wen

I got the package with missing nut.But they solved the problem immediately.
Its really useful and easy to fold,good design



I have very little closet space so I made a dressing room out of a very small bedroom.



Awesome! Easy to assemble.


Jane Eyre

Item was received on time as promised and in good condition, exactly as described. The assembly was easy to figure out. It feels very sturdy and the sliding bars move easily to lengthen. There was a caution about some sharp edges in some reviews. These are on the 2 main hinges, also and the tops of the legs, which are capped safely when the bar is assembled. I used a bit of emery paper on the hinges to take off the kurf on the legs and hinges. Didn't take much effort., An manicurist emery board would work, too. I am so tired of flimsy products, at very close to the same price as this. This rack will not rock from side to side, it is bolted together, not just held by friction. All the bolts, nuts and screw were included, with the hex wrenches for both sized. About a dozen nylon hangers clip to the poles easily, which will orient clothes hangers the right way for airing without moving on the rod. The bottom rack folds with the legs and bars to move easily, it is not very heavy. It probably wont' fit in a closet, but it closes up fairly tightly, and doesn't take up much space next to a wall. I wanted a good metal frame, as the wooden ones seem to be made of inferior wood which loosens small fibers of wood onto garments, and they tend to sag to one side after the dowels loosen. The cheap powder coated metal ones just fall apart as they are just held by plastic button. As I said, this product bolts together. I will be able air out some quilts and such, very well, it will not collapse.


Amazon Customer

Incredibly easy to set up! It basically unfolds from the box, spread it open, and ready to go! I like how it needs only minimal storage space. It seems very sturdy as if it could handle a heavy load of wet items.



Great Design, easily folded and stored
We are not using the wheels since we always store it to the corner gap next to the shelf


Karem M. Bayron Silva

Very nice rack. I used it after hurricane Maria. The best thing is that is foldable.

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