Relax by simulating the feeling of being held or hugged

What is a weighted blanket?
Weighted blanket is engineered to be 10% of your body weight to relax the nervous system by simulating the feeling of being held or hugged. Study found that weighted blankets could be a sleep aid for people who with anxiety or stress.

What dose weighted blanket can do?
Reduce anxiety
Promote and improve sleep
Help in calming meltdowns
Non-medicinal therapy
Improved focus and attention
Deep pressure for chronic pain
Treatment: ADHD, Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, OCD, PTSD

Why choose us?
100% High-Density Organic Cotton
Extra Breathable and Durable
Evenly Distributed Weight
"Deep Pressure Tough Stimulation" therapy
Cosy for four seasons
Safe, Hypo-allergenic,Environmental,Odorless,Non-Toxic Glass Pellets

12lbs-48''x72'' for twin or queen size bed,100-140lbs people
15lbs-48''x72'' for twin or queen size bed,120-180lbs people
15lbs-60''x80'' for queen or king size bed,120-180lbs people
(Note: 1 lb less or more does not make that much difference)

1.Some people are not recommended to use the weighted blanket. Please do not use it for pregnant women, physically weak people,children,sick patient,under 5 years old or people who can't move the heavy blanket themselves.
2.The weighted inner layer is machine-washable on a low, gentle setting. Recommend dry-clean. But it's not a easy thing,a better option is to purchase a removable duvet cover for easier cleaning. 
3.The weighted inner layer and the duvet cover are sold separately.
4.But due to its weight, for hot sleeper in summer, a fan or an airconditioner is recommended.

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