Power Tower Dip Station High Capacity 800lbs w/Weight Sit Up Bench Adjustable Height Heavy Duty Steel Multi-Function Fitness Pull Up Chin Up Tower Equipment for Home Office Gym Dip Stands

Power Tower Dip Station High Capacity 800lbs w/Weight Sit Up Bench Adjustable Height Heavy Duty Steel Multi-Function Fitness Pull Up Chin Up Tower Equipment for Home Office Gym Dip Stands Item NO: B07CKZ3BPW

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  • 【800 lbs Weight Capacity】Heavy duty powder coated steel tube frame with 800 lbs weight capacity. Made of oblate reinforced steel frame for loading heavy weight,61”L*44.1”W*90.5”H,Large base with non-slip rubber feet for more security.Two arched stability bars to make the sturdy steel frame safe and sturdy. Rubber grips handles and high density foam padded back and arm rests for more comfortable ,this unit is built to long last!
  • 【Detachable Bench】Come with a detachable bench,43.8”L*10.6”W*15.8”H,ergonomically designed with thick cushions for comfortable support.4 adjustable heights to meet different exercise needs.Detachable design let the bench can be used alone or along with the dip-Station power tower to make an awesome result
  • 【11 Adjustable Heights】Workout Station with adjustable height from 70.87 to 90.5 inches;Oval Dimension:61”L*44.1”W*90.5”H;Base size:28.4”*36.7”;Bench size:43.8”L*10.6”W*15.8”H;Back cushion size:10.2 x 17.9 x 2.0 ;Arm cushion size:11.8 x 4.7 x 2.0 ,Height of the arm cushion: 52.4”
Product Name Power Tower Dip Station High Capacity 800lbs w/Weight Sit Up Bench Adjustable Height Heavy Duty Steel Multi-Function Fitness Pull Up Chin Up Tower Equipment for Home Office Gym Dip Stands
Weight 100.0000 kg = 220.4623 lb = 3527.3962 oz
Category Sports & Outdoors
Creation time 2018-01-03

No need to join a gym!Complete your home gym with our multifunction space saving workout station! You get almost all workout need on this machine- pull-ups, vertical knee raise, dip station, lower pushup bars, lat pull down, multiways bench press, leg exercise, sit up bench and more.It will provide you with over 20 different exercises to train your different muscle groups,help build total body strength and sculpt the chest, abs, back, shoulder,leg and arms
Use your body weight to work your core, upper body and abs, and use gravity to help improve posture and flexibility.So whether you are a beginner or advanced body builder, the Power Tower can help you realize your fitness goals.

Sit up bench
Incline Push Ups
Vertical Knee Raises
Leg Raise
Hammer Pull Ups
Progressive Pull Ups
Push Ups
Assisted Dips
Chin Up

800 lbs Weight Capacity
Heavy duty powder coated steel tube frame
Large base with non-slip rubber feet for more security
Two arched stability bars to make the sturdy steel frame safe and sturdy
43.8”L*10.6”W*15.8”H detachable bench,4 adjustable heights to meet different exercise needs
Unique design-extra two barbell stands with 2 heights for you to place your barbel
Rubber grips handles
High density foam padded back and arm rests for more comfortable
11 adjustable heights from 70.87 to 90.5 inches
Easy assembly

Oval Dimension:61”L*44.1”W*90.5”H
11 adjustable heights from 70.87 to 90.5 inches
Bench size:43.8”L*10.6”W*15.8”H 
Base size:28.4”*36.7”
Back cushion size:10.2"x 17.9"x 2.0"
Arm cushion size:11.8"x 4.7"x 2.0"
Height of the arm cushion: 52.4”
Item Weight: 70.5 lbs


Amazon Customer

Works great. Sturdy. Easy assembly



Workout station is amazing and customer service for a very small issue was outstanding and prompt. Extremely satisfied with the product and seller



Used in home gym



Just Ok.



Good product


Speed Goat Junkie

Overall, this tower is a decent piece of equipment for the price. The instructions were not correct, as my tower was not constructed exactly as outlined in the literature. I am 6' tall and weigh 180#. I am at maximum height on the tower and it makes me a tad nervous as it does flex considerably. If I had known the gauge of material this tower is constructed of, I would not have bought it. I would recommend this to someone shorter than myself or someone that doesn't weigh as much as I do.



Ok for home Gym, Ok price



So I bought this for residential use and wasn't expecting it to be too heavy duty but I weigh 190 and figured it'd do the job. I was disappointed at first it arrived in one box missing the bench. Customer service was quick to point out two boxes were shipped however one went UPS and another went Fedex. So I assembled the dip station and waited on the bench portion. Once all arrived I had all the parts but the instructions to put it together do not match in any way to the actual system. In the end I will say it is mostly assembled or welded already in sections and I can let this gripe go as you can look at a picture and put it together. However the back rest assembles with push pin connectors similar to tent poles or the metal volleyball posts on cheapo sets. It is very unstable and is not going to last long. The bench is an upgrade I really desired to do dumb bell presses on and save space by folding up. Unfortunately there is nothing to hold the bench up but the backrest. That is the reason for the push pin connects and too much of a hastle to utilize. Also the foot rest pads are too small. They are sized for a ten year old and the leg support pads do not rest under the knee. The bench feels like cardboard that's going to snap off if you get off center. Now for the positives the footprint is wide enough to be mostly stable for dips, leg raises and pull ups. The pull up bar mounting points are kind of in the way of my general shoulder width. This means I am either doing wide grip pull ups or narrow but not shoulder aligned. I wish the back rest was more stable. I wish the steel was thicker to add some rigidity as the unit does tend to shake a little. If you don't have a stable core you will have trouble with the lightweight of this workstation. In all it serves it's purpose. I'd recommend it for 10-15yo kids.



Bought for son, he likes it. Good quality and sturdy.


Irie Living

Sturdy product
Easy to setup and well made - delivery was fast and surpassed estimated delivery time


Sara Collins

Works great. Very sturdy and hubby is at the top of the weight limit. No issues so far


Kevin DV Smith

When I unpacked the parts, I found a couple of the pieces were bent at the supports. I was able to bend them back into place with pliers but not ideal for a new item. Assembly was not hard although the instructions are minimal if you are not mechanically inclined. Unit seems sturdy once assembled.



After one month, no cons that I can detect. It's solid, sturdy and a good looking piece of equipment.



This is what I needed to work on my pull-up and dips.



Got this for Christmas. I read the reviews about the arm pad being too short and got worried, but they’ve corrected this and made it adjustable. Now has plenty of room. I’m 6’2”. It came nicely packaged with all the parts and even had two relife brand wrenches! For a chinesium product, I think this company gives great attention to detail. Can’t be beat at that price.


James/Jamie Meyer

My family gets a ton of use out of this product! It’s nice and sturdy and gets the job done. Pretty easy to assemble.



Todo me agrado


Arnab Bhaduri

I received the product well packaged and no signs of damage outside or inside the box. All parts were well wrapped and nuts and bolts were in a small box. I saw some reviews about shipping damage - not sure that's the seller's fault. On opening, things were fairly clear. Followed the instructions and it took about an hour for my son and me to put it together. Don't tighten any joints until the whole thing is up, and don't over-tighten anywhere, and you'll be good.

Once put together it feels quite stable. The foam grips are decent quality. It is nice that the pull up bar can be moved up or down to suit. The arm rests may be a bit small for larger people.

A couple of things could be improved. The back rest position adjustment is quite coarse, a finer adjustment would work much better. The back rest needs to be slightly inclined not absolutely vertical. Maybe about 15 degrees inclined back bottom to top. If the pull up bar had a pair of grips at right angles to the bar it would be perfect. Slightly thicker padding on the hand grips would be nice.

As it is, it seems very good for its price. I am happy with my purchase after about a month's use.


Nicolo Alexis Duran

Would be a great equioment if it weren't for the 4 place holders for that stretching bar on the inside of the main frame. Seriously bruised my knee caps on the way down from pull ups and had to cut my work out short coz i couldnt stand up from the pain



Not bad for the price