New Release,Reliancer Foldable Vertical Bike Rack

Cycle storage is often a problem when space is limited ,Reliancer Foldable Vertical Bike Rack is the perfect solution for small spaces, featuring a fold flat design which when stored is only 1.25inch thick
    It's the perfect solution for keeping your walls clean, and hang your bike up out of the way, but still handy when you need it.The kit includes front and rear wheel wall protectors. Suitable for compact and tight spaces where space optimization is key.You'll be thrilled with the extra space gained by hanging your bike on the wall. 

    Vertical wall mounted cycle storage for home, office and retail applications
    Perfect for all bike styles: folder, road, MTB incl. 29er, track, BMX, kids
Discrete and secure 4 point fixing
    Easy to install - Screws to your wall, drilling template and screw/raw-plug mounting kit included
    Discrete fold - only 1.25inch thick when folded
    Hollow hinge accommodates a conventional bicycle lock
    A locking gripper and push/pull lever make it easy to attach and adjust on your wheels
    Protect your wheels and wall with soft wide rubber grip
    Main dimensions 3.54 x 1.25 x14.2inch
    Max hanging weight 40lb (heavier bikes can have rear wheel resting on ground) 

    Color: White&Black\Blue&Black\Red&Black
    Dimensions:3.54 x 1.25 x14.2inch
    Weight: 0.86lbs

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