none Free Installed Stainless Steel Clothes Drying Rack Foldable Space Saving Retractable Rack Hanger Heavy duty 5 (from 42 reviews)
Free Installed Stainless Steel Clothes Drying Rack Foldable Space Saving Retractable Rack Hanger Heavy duty

Free Installed Stainless Steel Clothes Drying Rack Foldable Space Saving Retractable Rack Hanger Heavy duty Item NO: B073TTTNR9

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43.3-59inches w/Reinforced Pipe 55.2-78.8inche w/Shoe Rack
  • All Stainless Steel Construction:The material including the fastenings is rust-proof stainless steel, perfect for indoor or outdoor drying, will not rust even under rainy environment
  • Extensible Horizontal Rods: Both rods can be extended from 43.3'' to 59'', the max size is 59x30x52 inch, add more room for longer garments like pants and long dresses
  • Free Installation and Save Space: Retractable and foldable, easy to open and fold for compact storage to save space, no need tools to install. The folding size is just 59x4.72x3.54 inch. You can just put it in any small corner when you do not need
  • Sturdy Construction and Large Drying Space: The drying rack can bear 165 Pounds, perfect for quilts or heavy items (Note: the capacity is for reference only) Provides more space for hanging clothes. And it can be used in dorm rooms, laundry rooms, bedrooms and so on
Product Name Free Installed Stainless Steel Clothes Drying Rack Foldable Space Saving Retractable Rack Hanger Heavy duty
Item NO B073TTTNR9
Weight 4.3000 Kg
Category Household & Health
Creation time 2018-05-27

MILDEW-PROOF AND RUST-RESISTANT: Waterproof epoxy coating helps eliminate rust and mildew. enables the rack to be used both indoors and outdoors, in dry or wet environments. There is no need to leave clothes on a messy of bed anymore. 
All-stainless steel construction Including the Fastenings. 
Stainless steel hanging pipe
All stainless steel joints
Anti-sloshing connection
Type X structure 
Reinforced pipe: The stainless steel pipe makes the rack more stable and increase the drying area,you can hang towels\ socks and so on
Extension-type airing rods: Smooth and no burr, can be extended from 43.3'' to 59''
Plastic pipe plug: Both of the ends of the stainless steel tube are designed to use plastic pipe plug, prevent the clothes from being scratched, helping to maintain the quality of clothes for longer. 
Rubber non-skid foot sleeve: Every supporting leg of the drying rack is provided with a rubber non-skid foot sleeve. Make the rack stand more stably and prevent the floors from being scratched. 
4 Detachable 360 degree Casters with locks: Much better than those plastic ones for easy move; 360 degree rotation and stand stably. Casters are Detachable, you can use them when you need. 
10 hooks: The free gifts will go with the drying rank. 10 hooks, We hope the hooks can help you hang your clothes. 
Free Installed: No assembly is required. 
Foldable and save space. 
Large capacity: Great for oversize item, perfect for quilts or heavy items 


Ezhil Selvam Kalaimannan

Used to dry clothes, step mats etc...



Perfect portable drying rack for my dresses shirts and sheets which I put out on my deck to dry. I hang all my dresses on hangers from this rack. I bought another type of rack for all my shorts and baby clothes and use clothespins with the other one. This rack is used mostly for items that can be put on hangers. It folds up compact and I store it in my closet. You have to twist the one side around to get it to fold properly. It took me a little while first time to open and close it but after doing it once it’s simple. Between this drying rack for my dresses and the other portable rack for my shorts, I can put all my laundry outside on my deck to dry. It great that it’s on wheels too. In the winter or bad weather this rack works just as well indoors. I’m very pleased with this clothes rack.



This works well on a multitude of items to AIR DRY!


Stella Georgopoulos

It's great, but I wish it had wheels.



I don't have a clothes line and for some of my jackets that need to be sprayed our Gortex jackets or snow pants. I can then spray them outside and have space for other stuff too to dry on a great sunny day.



The upper bars are great for hanging items as well as for sheets and blankets. The 'shoe rack' is good for smaller items and delicate items that need to be dried flat. No instructions other than a hard to decipher illustration but it wasn't hard to figure out. Very sturdy and I love the expandable bars.


Amazon Customer

Doesnt hold much


Ellen ramos

Plenty of space for clothes, love the additional pull out hangers at the ends at the top. Lightweight, easily erected, very manoeuvravle. What's not to like?



Just what I was looking for.



The drying rack is very useful. Large enough for what we need it for, but small enough and easy to fold to keep out of sight when we don't use it. It was easy enough to assemble, though the instructions are a bit sparse. There were some quality problems---three of the screws that hold in the shoe rack didn't all could hear a small part (probably the nut) rattling around inside. However it holds together pretty well anyway.
When I wrote to the vendor, they wrote back immediately and sent a replacement. It too had a small problem with one of the screws in the shoe rack, but again the vendor was helpful.
I recommend this vendor because of the quick service they provide. They clearly want the customer to be satisfied.


Rachel Cleveland

does the job



I think this will work ok. I'm hoping I can hang my small area rugs out to dry on it. It was fairly easy to assemble. The only complaint I have is the pictures in the instructions do not show the reinforcing bar in place. Anyone with a mechanical mind can figure it out, but I don't understand why there is no picture of it in its place. Perhaps there are different versions of this and the company didn't want to print separate instructions? Plus, the instructions specify to lock all the joints before placing the reinforcing bar. That can't be done until the bar is slid into place. I was able to refold it and store it quite easily, but I had to use a couple of pieces of twine to hold it together in storage. I like the way it compacts so you can store it in a closet.



Sturdy and easy to assemble. The wheels were a big selling point as well. Great to keep on the porch to dry things you don't want in the dryer.


Maria Jensen

Easily assembles. Folds up nicely to store. I particularly like how the top rods extend for more drying space.


Mary R

I received one drying rack where the shoe rack part was impossible to fit into the holes in the legs, but had a good customer service experience and received a replacement a few days later. With the new rack and properly fitting shoe rack piece, this is a really handy drying rack! I needed something double sided that would let me hang a lot of things in a relatively small space, and as long as you have the minimum length of the rack (ends not extended), this is excellent. I love that it folds up and can be leaned against a wall, and that it's straightforward to put together and take apart if you need to do so. The installation diagram could use some improvement, but my biggest tips are to not tighten down both sides of the top poles until you've gotten the shoe rack in so that you can adjust how wide they are, and to make sure you install the shoe rack piece with the hinge pointing up so that you can push it down in to place-- it's very stiff. If I could give 4.5 stars I would-- the only downsides are the very minimal installation instructions (labeled diagram without step by step photos) and the fact that the shoe rack being so stiff makes it hard to fold/unfold easily-- this might get better with use.


Annette Mata

It was a bit difficult to figure out since direction were not real clear. The top supports that flip up n over to steady everything, the bolt was off by a fraction making it hard to come together. But it's worth the small struggle. I'm happy with it.



I am beyond happy with my laudry rack!! The assembly instructions are not too detailed It took me a few mins to figure it out but it was easy after I did. Some of the metal part edges are sharp. But its pretty sturdy. It extends about 5 more from its width. My picture shows just one laundry load and rack is half empty. It can hold so much more. Mines came with roller wheels easy to move around and with hooks which I won't be using. I wish I had bought this waayy before!! It's a life saver if you lack room space. I highly recommend it!!


J. M. D.

Very easy assembly. I love being able to hang some clothes outside. Works great.


Patricia L. Spears

I am looking forward to using this product. It is long enough to dry mattress pads, comforters and bedspreads. Plus tall enough to hang long dresses and pants to dry. Big Plus! It has attachable wheels. This should handle all my multiple needs.


Ashley Downing

Works great!