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Fiberglass Magnetic Screen Door Large Magnet Patio Door Mesh Curtain for Door Opening Full Frame Velcro Keep Fly Bug Mosquito Out

Fiberglass Magnetic Screen Door Large Magnet Patio Door Mesh Curtain for Door Opening Full Frame Velcro Keep Fly Bug Mosquito Out Item NO.: B07DNBRB19

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  • 【Upgraded Fiberglass】Compared to the previous nylon insect or polyester screen mesh, fiberglass material is 10 times stronger and durable,through high temperature molding, fireproof, chemical corrosion resistance, good shape. Features anti-tear with longer life, high-density and antioxidant,can be reused many times. In addition, fiberglass door curtain has a better transmittance than traditional polyester screens,bring you better vision
  • 【Automatic Closed Humanization Design】Built-in strong powerful magnetic and extra gravity sticks allow human and pets entry friendly.26pcs sewed in strong magnetic points make the screen door mesh curtain close much quicker and more silent. After we have done many tests about wind resistance level, we have especially added extra 2pcs gravity sticks were added in the bottom side which is used to consolidate and prevent from being blown away by the wind
Product Name Fiberglass Magnetic Screen Door Large Magnet Patio Door Mesh Curtain for Door Opening Full Frame Velcro Keep Fly Bug Mosquito Out
Item NO. B07DNBRB19
Weight 2 kg = 4.4092 lb = 70.5479 oz
Category Household & Health
Tag Magnetic Screen Door , magnet mesh
Creation Time 2018-06-06

Why Choose Fiberglass?
This Fiberglass mesh is the main material for making invisible door screen. Good light transmittance, is one of the most commonly used high-end entry door screen series. On the market called [Fireproof mesh], because it is the material of glass fiber flame retardant material, and with a colloidal coating. Has a slight odor, not easy to break, and not leave a crease, can be burned in fire, burning part is the colloidal coating, glass fiber will not burn. Mainly used to prevent cigarette butts. After the experiment, the cigarette stays in the fiberglass magic magnet screen door 3-5 seconds will not have holes and other damage.
Increased strength will lenghten the life of your screen door and help prevent holes and tears.
2.Fire Resistant:
Improved flame resistance will keep your home and family safe.
Traditional polyester screen can ignite melt and difficult to extinguish.
3.Silent&Better Sealing
Fiberglass mesh material with magnets and magnetic seals, close door more quickly, quieter and closer. It is much better than plastic snaps, because magnet screen doors can avoid noise when you through the screen door.
Allows more UV light passing than polyester screen to bring more natural light in your home.
5.Improved Airflow:
When insects keep at the net, you will notice a dramatic difference in airflow between fiberglass than cheaper polyester screen.

Suggestion :
1.Measure your door first, choose the size that fits your door. Don’t buy the one which is smaller than your door.
2.Screen mesh is folded up with a bag packaging, should be careful when you open the packaging, not to use scissors or sharp tools to prevent the yarn broken.
3.Please make sure the center of the top mesh slightly higher than two sides. It is better to hang screen to the floor. Don’t let too much screen put on the floor, it will impact the effect of closing



I have used a dozen of the “Magic” ones of these magnetic screen doors. The have to be replaced often due to the cheep and thin materials they are made of. Normal people and dog traffic sheds them often before the fly seasons over with. This one blows them all away. I think it has more material than all the others combined. Installed easily and meshes up perfectly when hung. The only issue I have is that it will sometimes “stick” to my metal door when a dog runs through. But most excellent product and performance. If and when it wares out will definitely buy another.



The quality is good, but it felt small when I bought it.



Super easy to install and comes with all the hardware!!






You know how some products are hit or miss? Not this one. I ordered a 48x80 screen for patio's sliding door. It fit perfectly. The tape was super easy to apply: I pre-measured arms length down the door frame. Then, I cut that. I left it rolled up and applied it about a foot at a time. Very clean finish. The screen itself is well-made and the borders were even. I started in the corner and worked my way out, velcro-ing the screen to the frame. It was so satisfying how easy it went on. Lol the magnets holding the two flaps together are prime and strong. It's 99% flush; and the weights at the bottom keep it nicely shut. I like how the magnets close after you walk thru. I am very happy with this purchase; and just in time for this fall weather coming in. Doors open for days.



Liked because we can keep door open for fresh air- will buy again if they ever give out



We recently moved into a place that had no screen door on our patio so I was relieved to find this magnetic screen door, it’s very easy to install and once up really works like a charm! The magnets work perfect to close quickly so we don’t have to worry about bugs following us inside. No complaints at all, came super quick and is really worth every cent. Will definitely buy again!



I have been looking for a mesh screen for my back door that fit my inside mount door opening. The Reliancer is the only screen that fit. It installed simply. I had a different screen before which was hard to get in and out of. This screen easily opens and closes. The mesh material seems sturdy. I would highly recommend these products.



Using the adhesive doesn’t work, but if you use the small nails they provide you with, those work great. Once we made that change, the product has been awesome. East to open and close and keeps the bugs out for the most part. Very happy with this!



This magnetic screen was exactly what we were looking for and fit our 94 patio door. It was easy to install and once up, the magnets held beautifully. However, we're 3 months in and the velcro adhesive is falling off the top of the door. I tried gluing it back on but the weight of the magnets in the door pulled it back off. So I contacted Reliancer and they have been super helpful! They responded to my message immediately and within 3 days have mailed a new roll of tape. Gotta love responsive customer service!



support team response is good. They replaced the product when I had issues



Very pleased with this product. would buy again



Good quality and precise in it's size.



The adhesive failed within a couple of weeks and without that, you can just toss this in the trash.



I’ve had it for about a month now and it’s been great! I have two pups that like going in and out so it is getting a lot if use.



Really useful and more attractive than some. Adhesive require using tags, which are included. Our dog loves it!



Ok,I have a siberian husky who is a complete jerk.he runs as fast as he can through the mesh screen as fast as he can so many times a day.hes destroyed so many screens I almost gave up.Its been so hot that I need the door open for a cross breeze but if I leave the door open a million flies.this screen is phenomenal. I LITERALLY can't believe it takes the abuse and you would never hasn't torn, sagged gotten loose or looked like we have a dog at all.The magnets are strong.the lace at the top looks fancy.Im buying another to give to my mom.the price was so worth it!!!!



I wish I got these nearly 30yrs ago when we developed our property ourselves: We installed our own septic, electricity, water, driveway/mailbox and fence. We dug a giant L out the side of a heavily wooded hill and built our house inside that L...never looked back/regretted it since. My only after-the-fact regret is NOT KNOWING ABOUT THESE SCREENS...!! Oh, how I love them so.I installed one from our attached garage into the mud room, mostly because we open that door at night for the cool air (it's amazing for bringing groceries in/leftovers n trash out), but don't want bugs flying into the house. We're still trying to get one for our unusually shaped sliding glass doors from our living room out to the sunroom and walk-about deck--but until then, I went a little nuts. I got one for my office because I am up all night in the summer and sleep when it is brutally hot and sunny. Can't take it, so that's when I rest. Because my office is the only lit room in the house, should we get the random moth fly in from the naturally just HAS to fly in here. I got fed up with that, so...magnetic screen door.So. Now I want one from outside into the garage; I want one from mudroom to utility room/sectioned apartment; I want one from sectioned apartment into our living room...generally speaking, I would not mind a screen over EVERY door in this giant house!! The other reason is that I have six grandkids, aged 12-newborn. You can imagine the endless fun they have with the screen door that is inside the house/into my office, right?One can easily understand why I want a thousand of these things. We're considering contacting the company to see if they can make a specially fitted one for the sliding glass doors we have from the house to sunroom and then other sliding glass doors to my husband's hot tub out there from his office.If it was possible to give this item ten stars, I would.



Allowed the children to come in easy



We are using this as a doggie screen door in our Lanai. It is the best! Our 4.5 month puppy, Bentley was able to use it with no issues. Easy to install. Remember to hang the top center a little higher, and leave space at the bottom. I did not use the tacks, so I will see how it holds up. Very happy with the product. Highly recommend.