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3 Pack Extreme Rubber Cable Protectors 2 Channel Cable Protector Ramp 11000lbs Capacity Rubber Speed Bump Rubber Traffic Speed Bumps Channel Cable Protector

3 Pack Extreme Rubber Cable Protectors 2 Channel Cable Protector Ramp 11000lbs Capacity Rubber Speed Bump Rubber Traffic Speed Bumps Channel Cable Protector Item NO.: B07DJ2GZ2C

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  • Rubber Cable Protectors dimensions:40 x10 x2 ; Channel Dimensions: 1.18 x 1.38
  • Cable Protector Ramp Load Capacity: 11000lbs/axle; Operating temperature: Operating Temp: -40℉ to 131℉
  • Designed to protect and secure cables, prevent accidents by hiding trip hazard cables trailing across floors with a trim, low profile design
  • Non-Slip pre-split unique membrane rubber base makes it quick and easy to add or remove cables
  • The cable cover is neat and unobtrusive making a popular choice for exhibition halls, offices and retail premises, public areas and gymnasiums, warehouses and factories
Product Name 3 Pack Extreme Rubber Cable Protectors 2 Channel Cable Protector Ramp 11000lbs Capacity Rubber Speed Bump Rubber Traffic Speed Bumps Channel Cable Protector
Item NO. B07DJ2GZ2C
Weight 15 kg = 33.0693 lb = 529.1094 oz
Category Auto Accesories
Creation Time 2018-07-28

The dual channel cable protector ramp enables foot traffic.Easy to setup and use, the cable protector ramp eliminates worries of buldging hose lines, pinched electrical wires and crushed cabling in high traffic work areas. Features a unique modular design which connects multiple ramps together for spanning larger lengths of cable. Dual 1.18" x 1.38" channels are accessible by a flip up PVC lid and designed to protect a variety of cable, hose, and wiring sizes up to 1.2" diameter
Great cable protection indoors or outdoors
Dual channels protect cables, wires and hoses
Highly visible yellow lid with safety warning symbols
Modular design allows multiple ramps to be connected together
Commercial grade thermoplastic rubber
Easy to set-up and use

Materials: PVC and rubber
Dimensions: 40"x10"x2"
Channel Dimensions: 1.18" x 1.38"
Weight capacity: 11000 lbs/axle
Operating temp: -40°F to 131°F
Weight: 40lbs

Package Content
2 channel cable protector x 3






Very sturdy and easy to use. Awesome value for my money. We need to order several more😍😍



We bought these for our daycare parking lot to slow the traffic.



Protects the cable and makes the driveway look much better. I am very pleased and may consider ordering another set.



Was concerned because so many were complaining of the odor. It's not as bad as everyone is making it out to be. No different than any other I have used in the past. I am HIGHLY PLEASED with this product and the price was fantastic.



Each channel is wide enough for a hose or several electrical cords. They are very heavy and the 3 together spanned my driveway perfectly. I am hoping to get years of service out of them.



El paquete llego antes de lo previsto... BIENEl paquete venía en una caja mucho más grande que la del paquete mismo, y esa caja exterior venía mal embalada y maltratada, con poco papel de relleno, no sé si por parte de FEDEX pero supongo que si... REGULARUno de los YELLOW JACKET venía maltratado de una esquina de la tapa (como se vé en la foto) y manchado con polvo de óxido, como si hubiera sido utilizado y reempaquetado, o como si hubiera estado en un lugar mal almacenado y provocó dicho golpe.... MALNo hago la reclamación y lo devuelvo porque el envío de regreso sale más caro que el dinero que ahorré encontrando este paquete, y la última vez que devolví un paquete quedaron de reembolsarme el costo del envío y eso no sucedió.En general el artículo MUY BIEN, salvo por esos inconvenientes.



Great quality. Shipping was fast. May order more after I see how these work.



Easy install .. came quickly... working fine. ...



My company bought 30 of these and they are durable as hell, easy to use, and perfect for the application for which they are intended!



I workin the entertainment industry and we use cable ramps all the time. when it came time to buy my own these were a steal. unfortunately I removed a star because of the incredible and overpowering smell. the delivery guy left these in my hallway since i wasnt home. when i got home that night and opened the door I was overwhelmed by the powerful odor. Do not leave these in a small enclosed space. who knows what those odors will do. none of the cable ramps I use have this odor.



I bought these to keep people from tripping over my cables I use for webcasting. I recently deployed them at the Drum Corps Interational Eastern Classic in Allentown PA. A crowd of 15,000 fans packed into the stadium, so naturally this was a high foot traffic area. It fit 2 six channel xlr snakes plus a networking cable perfectly for the flow marching webcast. Nobody tripped, and my director was happy.I have not yet had a vehicle run over them, or had them for more than three months, but for the price they're great! The only thing you need to do is air them out outside for about 5 days and then rinse them off upon arrival because they reak of rubber! They still smell a bit, but not nearly as much as they didn upon arrival.Pictured below in photo 1 is 2/3 of my ramps connected. We Gaff Taped them closed and put one piece of tape in the center to keep them from coming apart. Picture two is the crowd walking over the ramp. Picture 3 is just a couple sections of the stadium that holds 15,000.



Works great



Great product . saves my hoses



I was looking for a small speed bump to tell me when I should stop in my garage. I cannot drill into the concrete (it's a shared garage) so it needed to be a surface mount. I also wanted something that would tell me I'd gone too far, not necessarily something tor stop me. These are pretty perfect for my situation, which includes a small sports car and a small SUV. With a larger car you might not be able to feel the humps.The humps are well made, have a convenient yellow stripe on the top to stop you from tripping.Right out of the box, there is a very, very, very strong odor of burnt rubber. It even permeated the shipping box and I had to leave it outside waiting for trash day! After a couple of days, the smell in the garage went away, but our garage is very well ventilated. If you've got a normal house garage, I would recommend leaving them out for a couple of days.Pros:- Good value for money - can cover two parking spaces with some gaps- Just high enough to feel, not high enough to stop a car.Cons:- Need to air them out prior to installation- Although there are some flat spots on the bottoms, it was hard to find enough of them to use a glue, like liquid nails to tack them down to the floor- They do not come with any fastening system to mount on the floor.Recommendation: I would only use thee in a well ventilated area, but they seem like they will resist heavy traffic for a long time and easily protect a cord. As speed humps, they are marginal. They work in my situation because I also have sonic curb feelers on my cars, so these are simply a second line of defense against crashing into the wall.



Ordered 2 sets for the condo I manage. Tried laying them down without fastening but they did shift around. I've since secured them with expansion bolts and seem to be fine. Definitely effective for what I needed as people just aren't as cautious as they should be. I'd also like to mention customer service was exceptional. There were some bolts missing in my first package and Ciel got this taken care of right away. Also stayed in touch to make sure everything was ok.



There is an odor like other reviews state, but they have held up so far in high traffic areas.



These seem heavy duty , will be ordering more , I dont mind the rubber smell as i am using them oustide



They protect as desired ( hose crossing the road.) They are made of a hard rubber and they smell, keep them away from your living areas. Best used outside.



We had lower grade cable protectors that were constantly being destroyed. These are holding up great.